Why Opt For Acupuncture For Weight Loss?

This article discusses weight-loss through the use of acupuncture, an ancient form of Chinese medical treatment, that is being increasingly adopted in North America and is recognized as a form of “Complimentary and Alternative Medicine” by National Institutes of Health. It has been found that acupuncture makes it easier to lose and maintain weight-loss when the patient is motivated and willing to change their lifestyle by following the enhancing holistic approaches suggested in addition to the basic acupuncture process.

About Chi

The most literal translation of chi would be motive force or life force. It is the force that makes everything happen and it is the basic thing that forms the foundation of all other things. There is no equivalent to chi in western medicine. Though it travels in the same general direction as the blood and nerve impulses, it is not the same. The closest western equivalent to chi would be like the concept of energy as it is portrayed in physics. For example, in physics everything is a different manifestation of energy and in Chinese medicine everything is a different manifestation of chi. There are two basic manifestations of chi in the human body: substance, such as organs and tissues, and function, which includes transforming, transporting, holding, raising, protecting and warming.

Traditional Chinese Treatments As Effective TMJ Therapy

TMJ stands for Temporomadibular Joint Dysfunction, which is a disorder that affects the joints of both the upper and lower jaw in patients. Apart from pain or discomfort in the jaw joints, individuals suffering from TMJ are most likely to experience other symptoms as well. These symptoms include shoulder pain, neck pain, ringing in the ears, headaches, etc.

Acupuncture for Fertility

As strange as it may sound to westerners, acupuncture for fertility is a legitimate treatment which has been used successfully by eastern medical practitioners for centuries. Most people know that acupuncture exists, and have at least some vague sense that it can be used for maladies such as back pain and headaches, but few are aware that it can’t help with fertility. Western scientists scoff at the idea that energy fields flow throughout the human body, but eastern scientists have long been aware of them.

Using Acupuncture For Migraine

Migraine sufferers will do anything to be free of the pulsing, throbbing pain of these debilitating headaches. Three times as common in women than men, sufferers can often tell when they’re about to get a migraine because of warning symptoms just before the headache starts. A new study finds that using acupuncture for migraine helps reduce the number of days patients suffer, and might have longer effects on the body.

Acupuncture Factors That You Might Not Know About

Acupuncture is becoming the most commonly used treatment in the US. It is gaining popularity as an effective treatment for various health conditions. However, many people are still reluctant to try electric acupuncture therapy since they consider it risky and mysterious. Other people consider acupuncture as an ancient treatment by Chinese people who did it years ago in a small room behind their noodle shop.

Uncover How Acupuncture Helps Infertility

Acupuncture is a unique treatment in that most have heard of, but few really understand what it is and how practitioners believe it can help with various conditions and ailments including infertility. It is an ancient Chinese treatment that practitioners believe helps to release energy that may become blocked due to trauma, stress, poor diet, or a lack of exercise. By doing this, it helps to treat certain ailments that may manifest as a result of this blocked energy.

Korean Body Type Acupuncture – 8 Constitution Medicine

Eight Constitution Medicine is a completely new medical paradigm and has cured intractable and previously incurable diseases. It was first presented to the world in 1965 by Dowon Kuon, a world renowned acupuncturist that is currently treating cancer patients and conducting research at Jesun Acupuncture Clinic and Dawnting Cancer Research Institute in South Korea. His findings have stayed true after 47 years and 1 million plus clinical cases: all human beings regardless of gender or race can be classified into eight different human individualities or constitutions.