Auricular acupuncture for athletic recovery

It seems the time of year when some people start to sign up for marathons, Triathlons or just deciding to get fitter. Then maybe you should read this study recently done on basketball players. It shows that auricular acupuncture can enhance athletic recovery.

If you need to enhance your athletic performance then maybe its time to try acupuncture.

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Acupuncture for Depression

Last year a mid twenties man came to see me in my clinic. He had been persuaded to come by his Mother who was growing more and more concerned with his behavior and his habits. He was fidgety and was short with me in his manner. When we started with the consultation he was somewhat hesitant to tell me what really was going on until I asked a question about his social habits. It was then that he owned up to taking recreational drugs on a regular basis. He said he took the drugs to numb the pain. I asked why? it was then he broke down in tears and told me about his father dying at an early age in his life and recently he had been certified depressed by his GP.

I am writing this post as I want everyone to understand how emotions play on your health. Happiness, Sadness, Grief, Worry and Stress can all disturb the Qi/Energy in your body and that is where acupuncture may help. After diagnosis I explained how I could help, which points and why I would use them and that he should also seek counseling to help him get over the grief of his Father. I gave him 5 treatments in total in a short space of time and he went for counseling. He recently came back to see me and I have to say what a changed man he was. He had stopped taking drugs, his relationship with his Mother had built bridges and that he was feeling more positive about life and had stopped taking anti depressants.

Whilst I know acupuncture is not a miracle cure it can send you on a path of recovery which you chose to take or not. This young man did and I can only wish his every success in the future.

If you are depressed or know of someone who is then maybe acupuncture can help.

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NB – Northwich

I am a worldwide traveller with the racing team. About four years ago I picked up a cluster veruca on my right foot in the Middle East. I tried all the creams and lotions for a few years but it was still persistent. I went to see a podiatrist about two years ago and it was starting to get better however after each treatment a few weeks later it got worse again. The podiatrist said that my immune system was low with the amount of traveling I was doing.

It was my wife who suggested I try acupuncture to help increase my immune system. As a complete sceptic but frustrated that after 4 years my veruca wasn’t going away, I decided to try acupuncture.

Emma was very professional and completed a full consultation where she gave me a diagnosis and what acupuncture points she would use and why. After the first treatment I could tell that my foot was getting a little better. After the fourth treatment it had completely gone!

I would have no hesitation to recommend Emma and acupuncture, not only did she cure my cluster veruca I had had for four years it has also given me lots of energy. I have turned from sceptic to a true believer now.

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