If it’s good enough for celebrities, why not you?


An interesting article this week outlining just some of the celebrities who use acupuncture to help maintain their looks and lifestyle. As you can see from the article the common theme seems to be a combination of acupuncture and healthier lifestyles, which is no bad thing. The key however is just how many different celebrities are using acupuncture as part of an overall healthy living programme and as acupuncture is accessible to all we’d heartily recommend it!

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Acupuncture – Healing With Needles

Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine, heals illnesses by allowing the energy called Qi to flow smoothly through specific channels in our body called meridians. An acupuncturist uses a variety of techniques, including piercing the skin with needles, to correct the flow of Qi. Acupuncture offers relief to pain, nausea and other health issues. It is practiced all over the world, including America, Canada and Europe.