Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

We all at Acupuncture That Works would like to wish our past, present and future patients a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We will be closed now until Friday 3rd January however we may have to treat Santa with his back pain carrying all those presents!!! Have a wonderful time everyone.

Rebecca’s Story: Acupuncture and Constipation

We gave her some Shen (spirit and mind) related acupuncture points such as: Si-Shencong, Shenmen plus Chengshan, Zhigou, Tianshu and Siguan. After 12 sessions, within a month and half period, her constipation improved significantly, she would have a bowel movement either once a day or once every other day. She was very happy with these results. We followed up with her for half a year, her bowel movement was fine ever since.

Fertility Acupuncture: Combining Acupuncture With IVF To Get the Best of Both Worlds

There are many articles and studies showing how acupuncture can help to increase the success rate of IVF and other fertility treatments. Conventional fertility medicine and Chinese medicine have very different methods of treatment and have different effects on the body. Why not combine the two methods for the most success in getting pregnant.

To Stop Elbow Pain, Call A Chiropractor

Is elbow pain causing you to struggle with daily life? It is possible that you have developed tennis elbow, a condition that causes extreme discomfort. The discomfort in the elbow can travel up and down the arm, making it possible to experience weak points in the wrist, swelling on the exterior of the elbow, pain when moving the arm, inability to extend the arm completely, chronic discomfort that lasts 6-12 weeks, and discomfort when lifting, holding, or grasping things.

Acupuncture Infertility and Chinese Medicine

The National Institute of Health (NIH) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services conducted a Consensus Development Statement at a symposium in 1997, which concluded that acupuncture can help many diseases and conditions. To understand why acupuncture can help infertility we must first become familiar with Chinese culture and tradition. One of the important duties for Chinese doctors is to help patients conceive and have their own babies. This practice dates back at least 2,000 years. Chinese doctors have spent centuries developing a practice for infertility issues for both men and women. In the past years, we have helped many infertility patients ranging from the ages 30-45, naturally without IVF or IUI. We helped patients get pregnant naturally with our protocol at ages 45, 47 and even 49. In the last 40 days, at our clinic, we’ve had 4 out of 7 couples get pregnant. Three of these couples became pregnant naturally, ages 34-37, who were heading for IVF procedure. The reality of acupuncture helping infertility issues in our daily practice as seen in countless clinics, indicates that acupuncture is working very well.