About The Team

Acupuncture That Works is owned and run by Emma Guy who trained at The Healing & Acupuncture College in Bath, under the tutorship of Jamie Hedger.  Emma is qualified as DipAc AHPR, MATCM (Member of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK) and is fully insured.



Emma Guy - Acupuncturist - Acupuncture That Works
Emma Guy
Emma is qualified in traditional Chinese medicine theory and diagnostics from Shulan College of Chinese Medicine. Emma retrained as an Acupuncturist after a period of illness which prevented her from working as a Manager, a job which she had been doing successfully for many years. She is also qualified as a level 2 Reiki healer and trained in Tuina Massage.

Clare Cowell - Acupuncturist - Acupuncture That Works
Clare Cowell
Clare Cowell is one of our resident acupuncturists, and qualified physiotherapist. Clare has lived and around Northwich all her life and has a BSc Honours in Physiotherapy, as well as an MSc in Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare.Clare is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physios (AACP) and the Health Professions Council (HPC). Specific to Acupuncture Clare did her Facial Enhance Acupuncture course in August 2013 and became a member of CAUK, and has a Dip Ac from Shulan College of Chinese Medicine.
Catherine Peake - Acupuncturist - Acupuncture That Works
Catherine Peake


Cath Peake is one of the resident Acupuncturists at Acupuncture That Works. Cath used acupuncture in the second pregnancy for morning sickness and it worked for her; so much that she wanted to learn more and study how to do it. Cath has qualified from Shulan College of Chinese Medicine and is Dip.Ac.

She is also a qualified Nada practitioner and specialises in auricular acupuncture for additions such as alcohol,smoking and drug. These points also help with stress and anxiety.

Tina Clegg - Acupuncturist - Acupuncture That Works
Tina Clegg
Tina has qualified from Shulan College of Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture and Tuina Massage.  She can also provide Swedish massage, Advanced Massage Techniques. Lava Shell Relax Massage, Seated Acupressure (on site chair Massage) and is working to towards Sport Massage.
Tina is a member of the FHT and is always amazed by the results of treatments.

Elle Owen - Reflexologist - Acupuncture That Works
Elle Owen
Elle is a qualified Reflexologist and is also a Level 2 Reiki healer. Elle will also be starting her studies again as a Student Acupuncturist, with a view to becoming qualified before 2019. She comes with a wealth of clinical knowledge in treating fertility patients privately and cancer patients as she has also been a part of the therapist team at St Luke’s hospice for over 3 years.

Christina Cassidy - Receptionist - Acupuncture That Works
Christina Cassidy
Chris (Christina) is the receptionist at ATW. She has had various roles in health, education and management, most recently at volunteering at Leighton Hospital and St. Luke’s – Acupuncture Clinic. She has a degree in Biochemistry and qualifications in nursing, teaching and management.

Jenny Thomas - Acupuncturist - Acupuncture That Works
Jenny Thomas
Jenny’s passion for Chinese medicine was fuelled by her study of martial arts over the past decade.. She experienced the healing qualities of Qi Gong and acupuncture first hand, on a physical and emotional level, and began to get more involved with the theories and philosophies which lay behind these arts. This led naturally on to the study of Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and Tuina medical massage. She also continues to study Qi Gong which she incorporates into her treatments where applicable.

Emma Mango - Acupuncturist - Mango Acupuncture - Acupuncture That Works
Emma Mango

After successful treatment of Meniere’s Disease with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, Emma was inspired to help others who in the same way, may be looking for alternative remedies for acute and chronic illnesses.

Emma graduated in 2012 from the University of Lincoln with a first class BSc Honours degree in Acupuncture. A course which is accredited by the British Acupuncture council (BAcC) and the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine UK (ATCM). She is ​currently studying MSc Biomedical Science at the University of Chester


Rosemary Heaton - Hypnotherapist - Pure Mind Hypnotherapy - Acupuncture That Works
Rosemary Heaton

Rosemary uses a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching to ensure the best results possible, due to her Master Practitioner Diplomer in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Practical NLP Diploma and Life Coaching Certificate.

It is her intuition and experience which allow her to realise and aid her client’s problems.

Acupuncture That Works Group Picture
Acupuncture That Works Group Picture