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Acupuncture helps cancer patients’ dry mouth

In a recent study it was shown that acupuncture given concurrently with radiotherapy can significantly reduce a dry mouth and improve quality of life for patients. In the Chinese study 86 patients were given acupuncture three times a week, on the same day as they had radiotherapy. They were also followed up six months later after the radiotherapy had stopped. The symptoms of dry mouth (xerostomia) were significantly lower for the patients who had received acupuncture . Saliva flow in some cases started to flow as early as three weeks after the radiotherapy. (Cancer. 2011 Nov 9. doi: 10.1002/cncr.26550. )

Whilst acupuncture never has claimed to be a cure for cancer, it has been shown to be helpful in supporting relief from some of the symptoms experienced during cancer treatment.

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