Acupuncture That Works

Acupuncture That Works this week would like to talk about the price you put on your health.

How much do you spend on some retail therapy girls? How much do you boys spend on a night out with the lads?

How long have you put up with that pain in your back? How long have those headaches been bugging you? How long has that knee joint been painful every time you get out of bed in the morning?

The point here is that you could resolve your health issues for less than the cost of a good night out, and more importantly the results would probably be more beneficial.

Most of our patients need between three and six treatments to resolve their niggling health issues, however recently we have had some patients only needing two.

At Acupuncture That Works we understand that every patient is different and so the speed of recovery will vary, but making the choice to do something about your health will have both immediate and long term benefits.

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