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At Acupuncture That Works we recognise that eastern medicine diagnosis relies on a focus on certain organs in the body.

A good example of this is the gall bladder which is known as the ‘decision maker’. It is usually paired with the liver which is also known as the planner. The gall bladder is responsible for making decisions and judgements however these two organs work so closely together that they are almost inseparable.

The gall bladder’s function is that of storing and secreting bile and if your gall bladder is not working well then you may well have digestive problems, gallstones, eye problems or even headaches. If your ‘decision maker’ is unbalanced you may have difficulties in making judgments, decisions and find it tricky to judge distances and therefore become clumsy or have issues with your spacial awareness or co ordination.

The gall bladder channel travels from the feet up the side of the body to the head and often this can mean that you have neck and shoulder problems if the channel is blocked.

Do you get tense and often frustrated? Do you have mood swings? Do you have migraines or headaches often? Do you have painful breasts and period pains when pre menstrual? Do you have dry, sore eyes? Do you have difficulty in making decisions?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then we may be able to help you.

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