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This week Acupuncture that works would like to talk about allergies. With Spring just around the corner. With sunshine and flowers comes pollen carried by the wind. This is normally when the allergy season starts and it can manifest in Rhinitis, hay fever, asthma sinus, itchy throats and sneezing problems. All of this on top of dust and animal allergies which are with us all year round.

Allergies are a sign of imbalance in the immune system and acupuncture can help with balancing and strengthening the body to decrease or even get rid of the seasonal allergies altogether.

At Acupuncture That Works we believe that acupuncture can treat many of these symptoms and provide a degree of relief for the sufferer. Many symptoms are located above the neck area, and this can mean that your head is stuffy, you suffer from a headache or itchy eyes and are generally lethargic. This is often because your energy is not flowing smoothly from your head to the rest of your body. We therefore open up the channels from your hands up to your neck and visa versa to let the qi or energy flow.

If you are suffering from allergies, or feel you are likely to when spring arrives then why not call us and see if we can help you this season?

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