Enhance Your Immunity – Chinese Acupuncture Treatments

In recent days, it has been observed that, people turning towards complementary and alternative medicines are on a higher rise. What would be the reason? Side effects and adverse medical complications reported on the excess usage of pharmaceutical drugs have been a main reason. Among the listed names of popular alternate medicines, Chinese acupuncture holds a top position. Often known as the treatment with needles, this procedure has provided successful results for patients. This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) helps in enhancing the immunity of body. Sterilized needles are inserted on the acupuncture points of the body to clear the energy blockages. Known as acupoints, these are located in the meridians of body through which the energy flows.

Back Pain and Trigger Point Acupuncture

Trigger point acupuncture is a method that releases sensitive nodules in the skeletal musculature that cause referred pain-what we refer to as muscle “knots.” Rather than temporarily masking the pain that’s caused by these sensitive points, as medications do, trigger point acupuncture actually eliminates the source of the problem. This therapy is also effectively used to relieve problems and pain associated with neck, shoulder, wrist, leg etc. This article will focus exclusively on trigger point acupuncture for low back pain.