Differentiation of Moxibustion Materials

Moxibustion is a medical procedure of both traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine that stimulates acupoints as a way to promote the human body’s capability to recover itself. Professionals assert that the radiant heat generated by the burning herbal plants permeates significantly to the body, in which it is supposed to revive the flow and balance of vital energy. It is a procedure that involves the burning of specific herbs at acupuncture points. Nowadays, moxibustion is often employed alongside acupuncture for problems which range from asthma to arthritis with great results. To perform moxibustion, you should have moxa sticks, or moxa cones, matches and a tray to hold the ashes. Moxa is a bastardization of the Japanese term “mokusa”, which accurately signifies, “burning herb.” You will notice an extensive degree of difference in the various moxa types along with pre-made moxa products.