NADA Acupuncture

NADA Acupuncture

Here at Acupuncture That Works we have a specialist interest in helping people beat their addictions through Acupuncture.  Our clinic is registered with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, also referred to as NADA and they have been established since 1985 in the USA and since 1991 in the UK.

Acupuncture for Addiction

The use of acupuncture for addiction to treat drug and alcohol dependencies is a fairly recent development of what is after all an ancient Chinese art.  The breakthrough came in 1972 when a Hong Kong Neurosurgeon called Dr H.L.Wen M.D discovered that acupuncture could help with the symptoms of drug withdrawal and also help prevent patients from relapsing after treatment.  This discovery led to the establishment of NADA in the USA followed by the 1991 opening of NADA in the UK.

NADA-UK supports education and training related to the use of the specific auricular (ear) acupuncture procedure for the treatment of drug and alcohol problems. This process is known as Acudetox and has been shown to help to relieve symptoms during detoxification, prevent relapses and support long term recovery.

When a practitioner has successfully completed a NADA-UK training course provided by a registered NADA-UK trainer, practitioners are awarded an annual certificate to practice acudetox and Acupuncture That Works currently hold that certificate, which is reassessed every year to ensure the upholding of the highest professional standards.

NADA also publish a code of safe conduct for acupuncture for addiction which you can read here. This gives full details of the procedures that are carried out and how hygiene standards are adhered to.

The acupuncture typically involves a number of sessions where a series of acupuncture needles are inserted into the ear for anywhere between twenty minutes and an hour. The reaction of each patient can be different although most agree that the procedure is painless. Some people feel a little initial discomfort though most feel no pain at all, and reactions to the needles range from a small sensation in your outer ear through to the inducing of a trance like state in some patients. In fact some people are so comfortable with the process they request that the needles are left in a little longer!

After the session you should feel no side effects other than a reduction in your desire to use the substance that caused the addiction in the first place.

There have been lots of ‘celebrity’ stories about this type of acupuncture and you can read a good article about how certain celebrities reacted to auricular acupuncture for detox here.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

The process for patients who want to lose weight is very similar to those  suffering from addiction.  Acupuncture for weight loss in and of itself is not some magic cure for people with weight control problems, and any acupuncture should be taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle including diet and regular exercise.

At Acupuncture That Works we will take the time to get to know you and understand what is driving the weight problems before helping you to balance and maintain your weight. As with any weight control programme, we won’t make unsubstantiated claims about how much acupuncture can or will help you lose weight, but what we will say is that as part of a healthy lifestyle patients have found that acupuncture can help them to resist the cravings that can cause weight problems in the first place. Choosing acupuncture for weight loss is simply giving yourself a better chance of overcoming any weight problems.

The process is very similar to that for drug and alcohol addiction in that it involves the insertion of very fine acupuncture needles into the outer ear and this can produce a calming effect on the patient, and a reduction in the craving sensation that can often drive weight gain.

Acupuncture for Smoking

Many people see smoking cessation as essential these days as it becomes harder and harder to find any public place in which you can smoke. Now outlawed in offices and public places, many people are tired with standing shivering in the cold and rain just so they can have a cigarette and would like to quit altogether.  Acupuncture for smoking can help you to control the situation.

Whatever stage you are at with your desire to stop smoking, acupuncture could help you to stop smoking. Like alcohol and drugs, tobacco is a substance which is addictive and as such the same protocol that works for drug and alcohol addiction can also work for smoking cessation.

Ideally you need to have first decided that you want to stop smoking as this will make your path to quitting much easier. Then you can choose either to use will power alone or supplement your withdrawal by the use of the various tobacco substitute products that are available on the market. Acupuncture for smoking cessation can be used at any point in this process and has been shown to help patients avoid the relapse into renewed abuse of the substance.

A course of acupuncture could help you to gain the will power necessary to quit completely. For those who would like more information on how acupuncture can help with a structured programme of stopping smoking then you may find the study here to be of interest.

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