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Over the last couple of years, I have been suffering badly with stress, anxiety and depression, I had been to the doctors a few times and all they wanted me to do was take some pills.

I didn’t want to go down this route and tried almost everything to help me feel better naturally. With a fear of needles, my last resort was to try acupuncture! Best decision I have made.

I wish I could put across just how much acupuncture and Cath has helped me, from my first visit I was put at ease and literally felt my stress levels melt away from the first needle going in.

I have since been going weekly and I am like my old self again! Can’t thank Cath enough for what she has done for me.

Anyone who is in two minds please just give it a go even if terrified of needles or think it wouldn’t work give it a go and you will be amazed.

A weekly visit of acupuncture with Reiki has done more for me than anything doctors have done for me.


Please note that all testimonials on this site have been written by the patients themselves.  All views expressed within them are solely those of the individuals concerned.  Any mention of success with their treatment applies only to their specific experience and is in no way a guarantee of efficacy in the treatment of other patients.  Whilst we will attempt to help any and all patients who attend our clinic we cannot guarantee the same outcome as those reported here.

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Could Acupuncture improve workplace attendance?

Stress is a condition which in fast-paced modern day life seemingly affects us all. Most of the time we are able to find ways of dealing with it, but what happens when it becomes too much and begins to affect your health?

According to figures provided by the Office for National Statistics, in the UK 30 million employees took a total of 15.2 million days off work due to stress in 2013. This is because when stress is not properly dealt with it can develop into more serious illnesses both mental and physical, making it one of the biggest causes of work absenteeism.

As a result, employers are now taking new and innovative steps to keep their employees healthy and happy by recommending traditional acupuncture.

Could Acupuncture improve workplace attendance? Traditional Chinese Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years as an alternative medical treatment for a number of ailments. As a result, in recent years it has become increasingly westernised and used in place of more intrusive medications with unwanted side effects.

Acupuncture works by stimulating the nervous system which allows the release of neurochemicals in the brain. In turn, this promotes a chemical change in the body which results in improved physical and mental wellbeing.

Stress is one of the most common problems that patients suffer from and one of the hardest to deal with because of the numerous associated symptoms. Although stress begins as a mental and emotional based condition, it is not long before other aspects of your health can be affected.

Anxiety and depression are other mental issues that may occur, but physical problems such as headaches, IBS, insomnia, chronic muscle pain, joint pain and fatigue can also develop.

Over the years, numerous studies have been carried out to explore the beneficial effects of acupuncture on stress and the results have been more than promising. By targeting specific areas of the brain, calm and relaxation are promoted as the ‘analytical brain’ which causes stress is deactivated. It also is able to help reduce the sensitivity to stress and pain that patients experience by promoting the release of serotonin and endorphins.

Cheshire based Acupuncturist and owner of ‘Acupuncture That Works’ Emma Guy has spent many years working with patients dealing with stress and had this to say;

Emma Guy Cert Ac AHPR‘Throughout my time as an acupuncturist, I have treated many patients who as a result of high-stress jobs were suffering from both physical and mental ailments. In each instance after just a couple of acupuncture treatments, patients are able to feel consistently relaxed and rejuvenated”.

Acupuncture treatments can only take full effect when carried out by a trained and licensed practitioner, which is why it is always advisable to seek a reputable and ATCM (The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture UK) approved acupuncturists.

Acupuncture Awareness Week – could you benefit from Acupuncture?

To celebrate the start of Acupuncture Awareness week (7th – 13th March 2016) we wanted to share a video featuring Rebecca Adlington who is an advocate of traditional acupuncture.

Rebecca uses acupuncture to relieve the pain in her shoulder which is a result of years of swimming. Like many others, Rebecca suffers with the pain this causes, but has found that she doesn’t need to and by using acupuncture she feels a marked difference.

More and more of us are taking up regular exercise and this combined with the natural aging process can often leave us struggling with niggling pains. Why persist with this when you don’t need to?

If you are affected with pain anywhere in your body and would like to find out if acupuncture could help you then why not call us today on 0800 051 76 88 and ask one of the Acupuncture That Works team for advice.

If cupping is good enough for Samuel L Jackson what is stopping you?

Here’s a great image from Facebook of Samuel L Jackson, yes none other than the famous actor Samuel L Jackson, getting cupping as part of his regular acupuncture session.


Cupping is described as;

…in Chinese medicine a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin along the meridians of the body, creating suction and believed to stimulate the flow of energy.

The process is quite simple and if you’ve never had it the entire session is very relaxing. Warm heated cups are placed along the meridians of the body, typically along the back.

The cup creates a vacuum which causes the skin to rise and redden and for the blood vessels to expand. The cup is generally left in place for five to ten minutes to get the full effect.

The effectiveness of cupping can vary from person to person, however a study in 2012 published in the journal PLoS ONE suggests that cupping therapy may have more than a placebo effect. Australian and Chinese researchers reviewed 135 studies on cupping therapy published between 1992 and 2010. They concluded that cupping therapy may be effective when combined with other treatments like acupuncture or medications in treating various diseases and conditions.

It should be noted however that cupping many be used as part of a therapy programme for lots of conditions.

So what are you waiting for? If you fancy trying cupping and seeing what it can do for you and your circulation then why not call the team at Acupuncture That Works today and book in a session. Call us now on 0800 051 76 88.

Can acupuncture help to reduce nausea and vomiting ?

Nausea and vomiting are symptoms that unfortunately most women will experience in early pregnancy. With worries that medication either prescribed by doctors or purchased over the counter could possibly harm their unborn child, many women are turning to acupuncture as an alternative. Despite acupuncture being a 4000 year old practice, new studies are showing evidence of the beneficial effect it can have on modern day ailments.Sickness

A recent randomised controlled study was undertaken to determine whether or not acupuncture can help to reduce nausea, vomiting, dry retching and overall help with general health in pregnant women. The trial consisted of 593 women who were all less than 14 weeks pregnant and were suffering with either nausea or vomiting. They were randomly placed into 4 groups, consisting of: traditional acupuncture, pericardium 6 acupuncture, sham acupuncture and no acupuncture. These treatments were then administered to the woman every week for 4 weeks.

The results of each group were monitored and compared showing that the women who receive traditional acupuncture treatments experienced less nausea throughout the trial and from the second week less dry retching in comparison to the no acupuncture group of women. The women who then received the pericardium acupuncture experienced less nausea from the second week on the trial and from the third week, less dry retching when compared with the no acupuncture group.  And finally the women in the sham acupuncture group from the third week were reporting less nausea and dry retching when compared to the women in the no acupuncture group.

This solitary trail is just one in the many studies that are being carried out showing the beneficial effect acupuncture can have. And, in this instance it is evident that acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for women who experience nausea and dry retching in early pregnancy.

Benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy

Acupuncture is very beneficial during pregnancy. It can tone down morning sickness, induce labour and has even been known to turn a breech baby. Some women even turn to acupuncture to help them through the tough contractions in labour. In other words, it can be used as an advantage at any point during the pregnancy. That’s why we, at Acupuncture That Works, would like to share the benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy…

Acupuncture for morning sickness

Acupuncture Could HelpWith over 50% of pregnant women suffering from morning sickness, it’s one of the pitfalls when you’re expecting. It’s usually caused by changes in hormones, stress levels and emotions. Acupuncture can help alleviate morning sickness by increasing blood flow , energy and improving emotional balance.

Acupuncture to turn breech babies

Moxibustion is an ancient acupuncture technique used to turn breech babies. It’s completely safe and simply involves a herb called moxa. This is compressed into s special cylinder-shaped stick where it is lit at one end and held just over the acupuncture point on the little toe so the smoke billows over it. Moxibustion stimulates blood circulation – especially in the pelvis and uterus.

Acupuncture to induce labour

Getting worried your little one is making an appearance? Acupuncture can induce overdue pregnancies when carried out by a fully qualified professional. You’ll need written permission from your doctor before you can continue acupuncture treatment to induce labour. It works by getting the body to open and stretch the cervix in order to prepare for labour. Sometimes the results are immediate, sometimes it takes a few days – it all depends on when your baby is naturally ready.

Acupuncture during labour

Acupuncture can be used for pain relief during labour, as well as give you an energy boost. If your contractions have stopped you can, as we mentioned before, use acupuncture to re-induce labour.

It’s very important that you use a qualified acupuncturist, especially if you’re expecting. Our staff are fully insured, fully qualified Members of the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture so you’re in safe hands with Acupuncture That Works.

To find out more and to discuss your pregnancy with one of our Acupuncturists please call now on 0800 051 76 88

Acupuncture for Anxiety

Mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental illness in the UK. Caused by stress, trauma or a by-product of another mental disorder, anxiety can be tough to crack. However, acupuncture can work wonders for anxiety problems. But does it actually work? Acupuncture That Works brings you a handy guide for acupuncture for anxiety.

How does acupuncture work for anxiety?

Acupuncture can help with relaxation
Acupuncture can help with relaxation

In Eastern medicine, the flow of Qi, or internal balance of energy, is crucial for good health. Qi is affected when you’re facing prolonged emotional and physical stresses. The Qi is disrupted and you become anxious. Acupuncture helps you to understand your own natural energy and make links between supposedly unconnected symptoms. We use the needles and sometimes moxibustion as part of treatment, but you may need to consider your diet, fitness levels and your general lifestyle. Traditional Chinese Medicine links anxiety to imbalances in the heart and the kidney. The needles are used on points around the heart, kidney, ears and spleen to treat anxiety. However, there are various types of Qi deficiencies with different symptoms as listed below:

  • Liver Qi Stagnation Affecting the Spleen

Unfocused mind, worried thoughts, palpitations, insomnia, low appetite, biting your tongue, weak pulse, moodiness, constipation or diarrhea, dry mouth.

  • Kidney Qi Deficiency

Feelings of fear and dread, weakness in the knees, decreased libido, cold hands/feet, weak pulse, feeling the need to urinate constantly, lower back weakness.

  • Heart/Spleen Qi Deficiency

Obsessive worry, palpitations, insomnia, low appetite, tense muscles, fatigue, low appetite, weak pulse

  • Lung Qi Deficiency

Mood swings, sadness, fatigue, profuse sweating, tongue with thin white coating, weak pulse, shortness of breath, feeling as if you have a lump in your throat.

General benefits of acupuncture for anxiety

  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces sweating/palpitations
  • Immediate results
  • Regulates your digestive system


Acupuncture can be an immediate treatment for anxiety and provides relief straight away. After your first session you’ll feel more relaxed as soon as you walk out of the door. However, not every session will give you full, immediate relief. It’s highly advisable for those with long-term anxiety problems to attend a course of sessions to reap the benefits. It’s also important to combine acupuncture with other treatments.

To find out more and to book your first session please call us now on 0800 051 76 88

Acupuncture for everyone, including celebrities!

We all feel the strain of modern life and celebrities are no exception. Their expensive and excessive treatments seem a bit out of reach for us regular people, but many celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow have recently come out saying she turns to acupuncture to heal herself.

It’s unsurprising that this A list celeb has turned to alternative remedies to help her after her split with husband Chris Martin. Amongst goji berries with chrysanthemum flowers brewed into tea, acupuncture has become one of her latest remedies. After seeking the advice of an acupuncturist on her weekly blog the star explained how ‘One day, when being treated by an acupuncturist, a Spanish friend who was visiting me in London walked into the room and remarked that I looked like a bull who’d had a run in with the picadores (the dudes on horseback who stick the bull with many little knives to rile him up before the actual fight).

Acupuncture for fertility‘I assured her that although I was stuck with needles, I was faring far better than the bull would in the analogous scenario. In fact, those many little needles have helped me through many an ailment.’

Paltrow who is a devote vegan and partakes in plenty of yoga goes on to explain that traditional Eastern medicine has a different approach to Western medicine in that its more holistic. She says that ‘‘the root of the problem is addressed, as opposed to a symptom being attended to with prescription medication, only to return. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful as hell for a round of antibiotics or surgery when necessary, but I have been helped tremendously by all of the practices that help the body heal itself. When implemented by a professional with experience, the benefits can work wonders.’

At Acupuncture That Works we are happy to help anyone with acupuncture, even if they are celebrities! To find out more please call us today on 0800 051 76 88

Could you benefit from Battlefield Acupuncture?

Battlefield acupuncture is a relatively new technique that is already receiving widespread acclaim throughout the military. Developed in 2001 by now-retired Air Force Colonel Richard Niemtzow M.D, and used in Afghanistan, Iraq, this modified form of auricular acupuncture has seen impressive results. In fact, many soldiers in the US military have undergone battlefield acupuncture training so they can use it to treat each other if injured in action.

Not Just for the Battlefield

Although developed for the military, battlefield acupuncture is effective in any fast-paced situation where pain relief is needed immediately. Air force pilots have used it to relieve pain, while the lack of side effects often attributed to traditional medicines has meant they can still operate aircraft in dangerous conditions.

How It Works

Battlefield acupuncture employs small, single-use, gold ASP needles. These needles are applied in series, up to five points in the skin of the outer ear. Auricular AcupunctureWhile the needles can remain in the ear for up to two days, patients report that pain relief lasts much longer. MRI scans in Korea have lent validity to the hypothesis that the retention of the needles in the ear sends signals to the healing centre of the brain. While many debate this is how battlefield acupuncture works, the fact that it does work has been widely proven.

Courses of Treatment

Many patients report significant pain relief within five minutes of the needles being inserted, and while 15% of patients don’t respond to this form of acupuncture, the remaining 85% of patients report pain reduction averages of 75%. Treatment varies depending on the individual, with most treatments progressing from once or twice a week to as seldom as once per month. In many cases, only one course of treatment is necessary.

To find out more about how acupuncture can help you, including battlefield acupuncture, contact Acupuncture That Works today on 0800 051 76 88.

Love or hate the new Halfords advert, you have to admire their Marketing Director.

A week or so ago I was watching TV when I saw the Halfords acupuncture advertisement. It is designed to be humorous but the moment I saw it I knew that it had missed its mark with me. Instead of laughing I found myself grimacing at how badly it portrayed acupuncturists and sure enough, the next morning I had a cancellation from a new patient who had seen the advert and had their phobia of needles truly reaffirmed by this advertisement.

I won’t add a link to it here but you will know if you’ve seen it; the poor lady on the bed ends up looking by a porcupine as you can see below.

Halfords Acupuncture advertisement November 2013
Halfords Acupuncture advertisement November 2013

I was so disappointed by the advertisement that I felt compelled to write to Halfords Customer service, and for extra good measure I searched for, and found the name of their Marketing Director.  I copied him in on my email as after all, you never know when you write to the people in power.

This is what I sent;

To whom it may concern,

I would like to formally complain about your current television advertisement which ridicules the practice of acupuncture. 

This advert shows our profession in a very poor light and I, and many others I have spoken to, see this advertisement as nothing less than disastrous. The advertisement sets out to deliberately mislead the general public by depicting Acupuncture as something that can be practiced by anyone with no formal training and further seeks to compound this sleight by reinforcing the stereotypical view that Acupuncturists stick hundreds of needles into patients. It is deliberately misleading and disparaging. 

The immediate impact of your advertisement is that I have had a new patient cancel an appointment with me as she saw the advert and having had her fears reaffirmed by your misleading advertisement has decided against using Acupuncture. Your advertisement therefore has an immediate and real impact on our livelihood as practitioners. 

I have raised this complaint to ATCM, BMAS and BAcc who are the governing bodies of Acupuncture, all of whom I am sure will be contacting you to demand the withdrawal of this advertisement.

I would like the advert taken off the TV with immediate effect and a public apology to all the Acupuncture practitioners in the country. 

I await your response. 

Your sincerely


Imagine my surprise to find the following reply in my inbox three days later;

Dear Ms Guy, 

I am very sorry you feel this way about the commercial: we do not ever wish to ridicule or offend with our advertising, intentionally or otherwise, so we take criticism and complaints extremely seriously. 

The commercial is intended to advertise the ease and convenience with which Halfords can undertake minor repairs and fittings by illustrating that needing to return favours can sometimes backfire and lead to unforeseen, humorous situations. 

The character in the film says ‘practising’ i.e. he is a novice, and makes the silly, ‘schoolboy error’ mistake of asking his patient to roll over. Therein lies the humour, and we feel that this falls well within the boundaries of theatrical license. 

During pre-production we sought advice from the British Acupuncture Council who put me in touch with a practitioner to advise on the best way of achieving the affect of covering somebody in needles, without requiring us to do it for real. The BAC and the practitioner were at pains to point out this many needles would not happen in a therapy session, but they did not have any issue with the creative idea being disparaging to acupuncture therapy. We sought advice from other accredited, professional practitioners to attended the shoot. Again they did not have any issues  – and I asked them directly – with the idea being disparaging or damaging to the image of acupuncture. 

The needles used on the shoot were combination of prosthetic, dummy needles, and some real. These were duplicated in post production to give the illusion of many needles. 

As I’m sure you are aware, TV advertising is subject to regulation and cannot be aired without approvals, both at the development stage, and once completed, by the UK television clearance authority known as Clearcast. This commercial was scrutinised and approved accordingly. Clearcast are known for their scrupulous standards and would not approve anything they feel to be disparaging or misleading. 

I am very sorry to hear that you had a client cancel an appointment: there will always be those of us less comfortable with needles than others. If this commercial tipped the balance for her then it could be argued that there are any number of other images or stimuli that may have done the same. 

This commercial generated a great deal of interest and discussion amongst those who worked on it: many of whom commented on the positive experiences they had had with acupuncture therapy. I would go so far as to say that the fact we are able to put acupuncture on air in a commercial demonstrates how accepted and popular it has become in recent years. 

I do hope this helps you to understand and view the commercial in spirit in which it was intended, 

Kind regards,

David Durie

Marketing Director

Frankly I had expected my complaint to disappear into the ether or if it had hit home that I would be sent a stock response thanking me for my email but dismissing me. I was therefore more than a little surprised to find that David had taken the time to email me himself and to go to such great lengths to explain the process behind the advertisement.

It is fair to say that I still don’t like the advertisement, but credit must go to David and the team at Halfords for great customer service. The fact that I”m even posting this and that it will definitely find a place on social media speaks volumes.

So thank you David for taking the time and trouble to contact a dissatisfied customer, even though it has nothing to do with your normal services. And the interesting bit about this; even though you didn’t know it I am a customer. I have quite happily used Halfords for many years but was considering going elsewhere as I felt so strongly about this advertisement. Your reply, whilst not exactly what I had hoped to hear, has reaffirmed my faith and I will be using you again this winter.

On a slightly lighter note, if you are ever in Northwich and want to find out how acupuncture can really help you without looking like a porcupine then please feel free to give me a call! I promise never to ask you to turn over when the needles are in!