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I was diagnosed with breast cancer last July and after successful surgery and radiotherapy I was prescribed Tamoxifen.

The side effects of Tamoxifen I have found difficult to cope with which have been brain fog, anxiety, aching joints, unpredictable periods, insomnia and terrible hot flushes several throughout the day and night. After doing lots of research on how people have dealt with their side effects I discovered acupuncture was getting great results.

Being very scared of needles I was very unsure about trying acupuncture to help. I am so happy I tried it. I was amazed to get results after the first of my 6 sessions. The night time hot flushes were less from the first night, I have been able to sleep through the night not only because the hot flushes had stopped I was a lot calmer and more relaxed going to bed.

I am more alert in the day less brain fog with virtually no hot flushes in the day and my anxiety is a lot more manageable. As the treatments progressed I was getting less anxious as the weeks passed. I am so happy to have found acupuncture to help me cope with everything I really wasn’t expecting it to be so effective with all my symptoms.

My hot flushes which was main problem have pretty much stopped I have the occasional one if I have a drink of alcohol in the evening. I am very grateful to both Elle and Emma thank you so much.

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