ATW launches a YouTube channel

We’re happy to tell you that Acupuncture That Works has a new channel on YouTube.

Despite the restrictions put on us during lockdown, when we weren’t able to see you in person, we still wanted to provide the help and support you’ve come to count on us for.

Initially, that extended to virtual consultations online. However, we also wanted to share some of that know-how and advice with a wider audience during short, informative videos.

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Our Continued Relationship With Something To Look Forward To

Something To Look Forward To works tirelessly to promote wellbeing, relieve stress and assist those people recovering from the impact of cancer or its treatment.

And Acupuncture That Works is proud to have established close links with such a brilliant organisation.

After its founder, Fiona, was personally affected by breast cancer in 2007, Something To Look Forward To dedicated itself to providing cancer sufferers and their families with a platform via which they can access a variety of free ‘gifts’ donated by companies and individuals. Our founder, Emma, also had breast cancer so she, and ATW, share many values with Something To Look Forward To, which has helped us create a strong relationship.

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