Last weeks highlight…

A lovely lady and friend came to me just after I qualified as an Acupuncturist with a frozen shoulder. She was unable to lift her arm higher than her head and to rotate it all the way around. She had seen a specialist and he had told her after a scan she may need an operation her scapula joint area. After five acupuncture treatments she was able to move her arm and shoulder clockwise and anti clockwise and was able (although a little painful) to reach up totally into the sky.  She went back to her specialist three months later who scanned her shoulder again and to her amazement he told her that she no longer needed an operation on the joint.

If you are struggling with any joint pains please give us a call and we may be able to help on 0800 051 76 88

It takes 3 – 6 treatments….

This weeks highlight has to be treating a lady for the fourth time. She came to me after having a car crash a couple of months ago. She suffered whiplash and wasn’t sleeping well, having headaches and would not get back in the car to drive. On her return after three treatments she was sleeping well, no more headaches and physically I could see her shoulders were much more relaxed. She was also back driving….. Her feedback was ‘ Can’t believe how much better I feel! Thank you “

In most cases it takes between 3 – 6 treatments to really feel the difference….

13 days to go…

Not long now till Christmas everyone… Don’t forget to book in before Santa comes….

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Tuesdays @ Fields Physio, Saltney, Chester
Fridays @ Natural Practices, Wilmslow

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Highlight Week 2

Hi Everyone, What another great and busy week it has been. I have to say a big thank you to my wonderful husband Jon for all his support over the last few weeks, could not have done it without you.

So this weeks’s highlight has to be treating a 12 year old George after a rugby injury to his neck and shoulders. After his treatment the following day I got this feedback ….”George is feeling “much better” thank you. Very little pain, he slept longer than normal and is eating well today! Amazing!!!! Thank you very much”

Acupuncture works well with adults and can with a very successful treatment for children too.