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We’ve had a lot of questions this New Year about diet and weight control and how Acupuncture That Works may help you. Firstly it is important that you have a full consultation with your Acupuncturist before you consider any sort of treatment course as whilst Acupuncture may help lose and maintain your weight it must be done as part of a properly supervised regime.

Acupuncture for Diet and Weight control typically uses the ear points to release endorphins which can have a relaxing and calming effect which in turn makes it easier to deal with the trigger of overeating and bingeing on fattening foods.

The points used on the ear can help suppress the impulse to ‘go’ and have that chocolate bar, cream cake or even an extra portion of food.

There are an enormous number of points in each ear which can be used in the treatment however the most important for weight loss will be assessed during an initial consultation with your Acupuncturist.

The treatments will last up to one hour and should be administered twice or three times a week in the first few weeks depending on how much you want or need to lose. Acupuncture in itself may not be the ‘magic bullet’ however it works on the principle that the body can be retrained to be normal in its eating habits.

If you would like to talk to someone about how acupuncture could help you to lose or adjust your weight then please call us free on 0800 051 76 88.

STOP PRESS ******Acupuncture That Works this week would like to announce that we will also be working out of Dave’s Gym, Northwich on an ad hoc basis including Fridays.*****

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Acupuncture That Works

The Chinese believe that your Qi ( energy ) can be disturbed my emotions, in fact seven of them. The seven emotions are joy, grief, sadness, fear, anger, fright and worry.

This week acupuncture that works have treated three patients who have come to us for various aliments however after consultation one of the common themes has been sadness or grief. Grief is a powerful emotion and can completely change how an individual sees life. This can manifest in three aspects in the body, Qi, Blood and Yin, These effect the Shen (mind) also and because of this the Chinese believe this effects the body and its organs.

Sadness or Grief is an emotional stage that weakens the lungs, and lack of joy is said to effect the heart. So with that in mind it is important when treating our patients that we  choose certain points to support the lung and heart. Once these points have been stimulated and Qi is moving around again it often has amazing results.

If you have been effected by grief or sadness, or any of the other emotions in your life try Acupuncture That Works

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HH – Stockton Heath

I have two young children and a full time job which I fit into three and a half days. I had been suffering with stress at work which, when coupled with a few unresolved issues in my personal life, came together to stop me sleeping. Over a period of about three weeks my sleep quickly dwindled to around 1.5 hours a night, sometimes as one amount, sometimes in small instalments. This left me exhausted and in no fit state to tackle the everyday stresses and strains of a busy job and two young children!

After the first session of acupuncture, I felt noticeably calmer, although if I am honest, initially there was little difference to my sleep. However after session two, I slept for three hours in a block which may not sound like much but made me feel able to take on the world again. After a course of around five or six treatments, I found my sleep problems totally disappeared and six months on I am now sleeping around six or seven hours a night, good for any parent!

I feel the treatments provided me with a grounding, I found them calming yet in the same breath energising, and they have helped to put my head back on the right way around again; I feel after a few years spent slowly unravelling, Acupuncture That Works in Northwich put me back together again – give it a try, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and have referred many friends to them.

Please note that all testimonials on this site have been written by the patients themselves.  All views expressed within them are solely those of the individuals concerned.  Any mention of success with their treatment applies only to their specific experience and is in no way a guarantee of efficacy in the treatment of other patients.  Whilst we will attempt to help any and all patients who attend our clinic we cannot guarantee the same outcome as those reported here.

Why do we need this disclaimer? – Read the answer here

Acupuncture That Works

Acupuncture That Works – Hope the first week back to work hasn’t been too stressful for you? Great news this week from Acupuncture That Works is that we had another full clinic day on Thursday and picked up our first patient in the Wilmslow Clinic.

This weeks highlight has to be another shoulder story. A keen cricketer came to us as he had damaged his shoulder last year in a game and had suffered with pain and limited rotation ever since. Seemingly unrelated, he was also suffering with  migraines which was effecting his work. After having three treatments the pain in his shoulder has gone and he can rotate his shoulder freely now. As an added bonus he has also not had a migraine since the treatments either.

What many people don’t realise is that if a problem presents in the shoulder it can have a knock on effect on the head therefore creating a disturbance which can cause headaches or even migraines.

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Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope 2012 is a good year for you.

Have you eaten, drunk or indulged too much over the festive season? If so then why not start the new year with a new you? You can kick start the New Year feeling revitalised by booking in for a complete detox.

Acupuncture That Works will be offering 6 detox sessions for £75 in January; that’s only £12.50 a session so book early! In addition to this we will also be running detox sessions at Fields Physio Centre in Chester every Saturday in January (please book direct with Fields on 01244  671948 )

So what is a detox and what is involved?
Detox or detoxification is an alternative approach to rid your body of toxins and other accumulated harmful substances that are said to exert undesirable effects on individual health.

At Acupuncture that works we use what is called the NADA Protocol – (National Auricular Detoxification Association) which involves using Auricular Acupuncture to help reduce your cravings. The procedure is very simple and consists of the insertion of five small fine, sterile, disposable needles on five points of the outer ear which assists in helping giving up smoking, diet control, general detox or anxiety/Stress management. It can help you resist the craving or impulse to go and have a drink, cigarette or grab that bar of chocolate.

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