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Today has been a landmark day at Acupuncture That Works as we treated our 150th patient in less than twelve months. By our reckoning that’s somewhere in the region of 16,000 needles….and lots of happy patients.

And in all that time the most frequently asked question is….”what can acupuncture treat’? Well the answer is quite simply, ANYTHING!  Whatever is concerning you there will be a point for it in the 361 points on the body or failing that in the 62 points on the ears! And of course whilst we can’t guarantee a miracle cure, after 150 patients we’re pretty confident that whatever your acupuncture needs, we can help.

So maybe its time you tried acupuncture and if you mention this post you will get 20% off your first treatment.

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Acupuncture That Works – Back Care Awareness week 8th – 12th October 2012

One of the most debilitating ailments is a bad back and as this week is back care week we have an opportunity to understand how to avoid suffering this pain . Most of us will suffer from some back pain at some stage of our lives and if you’ve ever suffered you will know just how awful it is to feel incapacitated.
One of the top causes of back pain is over stretching one or more of the ligaments in your back and unsurprisingly this can happen with poor posture, injury or lifting something too heavy.

Another common form of back pain is Sciatica. This pain is known to many people particularly as it extends down into the buttocks and leg. It is usually caused by an irritation of the larger nerve in the lumbar region.

On the basis that prevention is better than cure, here are some top tips to help keep your back strong.

1.  Exercise your back.
2.  Always bend those knees
3.  Don’t twist and bend at the same time
4.  Use a rucksack if you must carry heavier items
5.  Always maintain a good posture
6.  Lift or carry objects close to your body
7.  Sit with your feet flat on the floor and ensure good posture when sitting
8.  Lose any excess weight
9.  Give up smoking
10.  Make sure your mattress is the correct one for you

If you follow these top tips you may be lucky and avoid back pain, but if you do suffer from back pain then maybe acupuncture is the treatment you need. Acupuncture is proven to help with back pain and is recommended by NICE as a way of dealing with long term lower back pain.

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