DS – Northwich

I developed hot flushes after receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2016. They were occurring several times a day and were making me feel drained.

I can’t remember who suggested I contact Emma for acupuncture but I booked myself in and was delighted to discover that she specialises in breast cancer patients and the effects of chemotherapy.

I had about 6-8 sessions in total over several months. I initially had a block of sessions and flushes settled very well for a few weeks then came back, so I had another few sessions and that appeared to settle the flushes. They now occur rarely.

Emma has a lovely gentle manner and the whole experience was very relaxing.
I recommend Emma and acupuncture to all my friends now for these symptoms.

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New Massage Therapist at Acupuncture That Works

Acupuncture That Works welcomes our new Massage Therapist Amanda North

Amanda North - Massage Therapist
Amanda discovered that having regular deep tissue massages was thoroughly benefical to her wellbeing, and that is helped her recover after she suffered a major burnout during her career as a senior buyer. After recovering, Amanda decided to focus on becoming a fully qualified Massage Therapist.

Since gaining her massage therapy qualification, Amanda has expanded her repertoire to offer a more holistic range to her clients, which includes:
Deep Tissue Massage, Chinese Cupping Therapy, Restorative foot and Hand Massage, Reflexology, Head Neck and Shoulder Massage, Sinus Drainage, Ear Candling, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stone Therapy.