Lifestyle choices which could be causing you backache

Whether you barely exercise or push yourself to the limits, there is a very strong chance that at some point in your life you will deal with back pain. You wouldn’t think it but everyday activities such as sitting down, putting on your shoes or even light exercise can affect your spine more than you think.

Most back pain problems are caused by injury to muscles which can happen accidentally, after excessive exercise or even just a new activity. Other times it can be caused by a slipped disk where nerves are compressed.

On average 80 per cent of the British population regularly suffers from aches and pains in their backs and it can be caused by the simplest things. The standard nine to five job seems to be a the biggest culprit in causing back pain with employees sitting slouched over a computer screen for nine hours straight. Sitting for prolonged amounts of time can be extremely dangerous as it puts large amounts of pressure on the disks in your back, more so than it would if standing up or walking, this is why it is important to take regular breaks.

Another unexpected culprit of back pain is lying on your stomach whilst sleeping as it places pressure on your muscles and joints, whereas if you sleep on your back or your side it keeps your body in a neutral position and elongates your spine. To avoid this it is recommended to have a medium range mattress and to use a pillow which will keep your head level to your spine. If your bed is too hard it will cause pain in your shoulders and hips and if it is too soft it will throw the alignment of your body and spine into disarray.

And last but not least, emotional stress can take its toll on not only your mental health but on your back too! It’s been proven in the past that people with backache are more likely to suffer with depression but recently doctors have found that it can also be the other way round with people who suffer from depression being four times more likely to have develop backache. The release of stress hormones often triggers the muscles to tense up causing this pain which will only worsen how the person is feeling.

There are a number of options to help with back pain ranging from engaging in a healthier lifestyle, changing small activities in your day, medication or even acupuncture, but ultimately the best course of action is prevention; trying to change the things in your life that could cause future aches and pains.