Acupuncture as an Aid to Weight Loss

weight loss with acupunctureWith obesity on the rise in the UK, people are desperate to find a quick fix solution to their problem. One of the biggest problems people face when trying to lose weight is how unhealthy it can be and in an attempt to reach their goals they get ill. Fortunately, Acupuncture can aid people in the weight loss process.

Acupuncture involves inserting fine needles into specific points on the body to stimulate the release of endorphins. In doing so this creates a calming effect allowing you to relax and release any stress or anxiety. In terms of weight loss, Acupuncture can calm people and in turn, help them lose weight without resorting to any unhealthy diets or drugs.

There have been numerous studies which have shown that when Acupuncture is combined with traditional methods of losing weight patients are able to lose significantly more. In these studies usually one to three Acupuncture sessions helps people in achieving their weight goals in a safe and effective way. Some people notice the effects of their treatments relatively quickly and only need treatments every other week.

One specific study found that Acupuncture coupled with a 2000 calorie diet and a 15 minute walk helped with with weight loss. The study consisted of 20 overweight women ranging from 20-40 years of age. The study showed that half of the women who received 15 minute Acupuncture sessions once a week lost 10 pounds on average as well as a decreased appetite. Those who did not receive Acupuncture were only able to lose an average of 3 pounds.

Generally in traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that weight loss is caused by the liver and spleen malfunctioning. Acupuncturists because of this tend to focus on areas corresponding to these organs to rebalance the body. Another area acupuncturists tend to focus on is ear stapling which involves carefully manipulating points on the ear which control cravings. This type of Acupuncture is also used to help people to stop smoking or to help beat drug addictions.

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