Acupuncture for Allergies

acupuncture for allergiesAs Spring Time approaches, allergies such as Hay fever will begin to plague many causing people intense discomfort and pain. For some nasal inflammation and irritations in the eyes are as far as the discomfit will go, but many people find their whole nervous system come under attack leaving them feeling completely debilitated.

Generally people will turn to over the counter medication to subside their symptoms but at the cost of feeling fatigued and dull. This is why more and more people are turning to acupuncture as a safe alternative to western medicine.

Acupuncture works by stimulating specific pressure points in order to unblock and restore balance within the body. In terms of treating allergies, acupuncturist generally look to treat the person as a whole and look for more deep rooted problems which can be causing the allergy. Patients who demonstrate signs of persistent and chronic allergies usually have Kidney, Lung or Spleen deficiency. Because of this, acupuncturists aim to develop a plan which with help treat the patients symptoms and provide them with relief whist also treating the underlying issues which are causing imbalances in the immune system. Dietary changes may also be recommended by the acupuncturist as part of the treatment in order to achieve the best results.

Studies into acupuncture are continuously being carried out and recently a randomized trial was carried out in Berlin on individuals suffering with allergic rhinitis. 981 individuals suffering with allergies were used and 487 of those were given acupuncture treatments. Over a period of three months the 487 individuals were given 15 acupuncture treatments. After this time both the acupuncture group and the control group were given a quality of life questionnaire and the results showed that the acupuncture group’s quality of life scoring was three times higher than the control group. This led to the conclusion that regularly treating allergies with acupuncture results in clinically relevant benefits.

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