Acupuncture for Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common condition which can be experienced on one or both sides of the neck and can often also affect the back of the skull or upper back. It can have a variety of causes such as keeping your head in an awkward position causing your joints to ‘lock’ into place causing pain and limited range of movement. A sudden jolt can also have this same effect as well as very medical conditions and in some cases headaches, something which acupuncture can also assist with.

acupuncture_1Acupuncture aims to help relieve neck pain by stimulating the neck muscles through precise accupoints. This will help to lessen the pain and reduce muscle spasms in the neck area, promoting relaxation and an overall mental and physical wellbeing. It can also help to improve blood flow and circulation which will aid in preventing future neck pain and ease muscle contractions.

The British Acupuncture Council shows strong supporting evidence for using acupuncture to treat any form of chronic pain which would encompass neck pain. Although the evidence shown on the website does not specifically refer to neck pain, it does state how in many cases acupuncture has been proven to be ‘more effective than no treatment or usual care for chronic pain’.

Acupressure Points To Support You At Home

You can use acupressure at home and stimulate the points yourself. This video we created shows the point ‘small intestine 3’, which can assist with easing neck pain, and the technique to pinpoint it.

No Obligation Assessment

At Acupuncture That Works we are happy to help if you are suffering from neck pain and will be glad to offer you a free no obligation assessment and talk to you about the benefits that treatment could bring. Please call us on 0800 051 76 88 to make your appointment.

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