Acupuncture That Works

The Chinese believe that your Qi ( energy ) can be disturbed my emotions, in fact seven of them. The seven emotions are joy, grief, sadness, fear, anger, fright and worry.

This week acupuncture that works have treated three patients who have come to us for various aliments however after consultation one of the common themes has been sadness or grief. Grief is a powerful emotion and can completely change how an individual sees life. This can manifest in three aspects in the body, Qi, Blood and Yin, These effect the Shen (mind) also and because of this the Chinese believe this effects the body and its organs.

Sadness or Grief is an emotional stage that weakens the lungs, and lack of joy is said to effect the heart. So with that in mind it is important when treating our patients that we  choose certain points to support the lung and heart. Once these points have been stimulated and Qi is moving around again it often has amazing results.

If you have been effected by grief or sadness, or any of the other emotions in your life try Acupuncture That Works

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