Acupuncture That Works – Acupressure for children

My five year old Son contracted Molluscum Contagiosum and was having irritating sores and scabs for over twelve months. Whilst these were very unsightly I felt he was unable to go swimming or take part in other social activities.

I came to see Emma as she had successfully treated my brother for a shoulder problem and she was able to administer acupressure in certain areas of my son’s body. It was after the second treatment that I started to notice that the rash was starting to clear across the top of the my son’s body and the spots were not as angry looking. I didn’t want to hold out too much hope as he had been suffering with these sores for such a long time and nothing seemed to improve his condition. After the third treatment, four weeks later all of the spots had gone bar one. He was able to resume all the activities he had been missing and there has been no sign of the sores.

I am so happy that Emma was able to treat him and she didn’t have to use a single needle!

KH, Northwich