Acupuncture That Works loves Jay James Picton

Fabulous new singer called Jay James Picton was on USTREAM tonight and he mentioned Acupuncture That Works. We first saw JJP supporting Rebecca Ferguson at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester earlier this year and we were completely surprised at just how good he is.

Normally support acts tend to be people who you don’t remember but this young man is an exception.

Thank you for the follow on Facebook and Twitter JJ and if any of you would like to follow him, bearing in mind that he has recentley been supporting Jessie J ( so he must be GOOD!), you can find him on twitter or Facebook


Watch this space! and Thank you again JJ and keep looking after that voice 😉 xx

Jay James Picton and Acupuncture That Works
Jay James Picton and Acupuncture That Works