Acupuncture for Improved Fertility

Acupuncture for Improved FertilityEvery year, over 4.5 million couples experience fertility problems. Due to this increasingly high number they are now turning to more traditional methods to help them conceive. Over the years, acupuncture has regularly been coupled with herbal medicine to treat some of the causes of infertility. Whilst acupuncture can’t cure every problem it is often used to benefit and improve ovarian and follicular functions. It has also been proven to increase the blood flow to the endometrium which helps to produce a thicker uterus lining. This type of acupuncture works by reducing stress in the patient by targeting specific pressure points which in turn unblocks any disrupted flow in the body.

Many studies looking into how acupuncture can aid fertility have been carried out in recent years and have produce results which suggest that when used with fertility treatments such as IVF, acupuncture can increase than chance of conception by 26%. One of the more recent reports into infertility has suggested that when combining acupuncture with modern fertility treatments over 65% of women in the test group were able to conceive as opposed to the 39% of the control group who received no acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture in its traditional sense works by targeting specific pressure points out of the over 2000 that are available. These points are all connected by 14 major pathways named meridians. Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners believe that these 14 meridians conduct energy called ‘qi’ between the body’s surface and your internal organs. When this qi is interrupted it can affect a person’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and in turn this can cause pain and disease. By keeping this natural flow from being blocked acupuncture aims to help couples be as healthy and happy as possible to provide them with the best chance of conceiving.

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