Benefits of Acupuncture for Gynaecological Issues

facial massage relaxing theraphy on woman faceGynaecological problems encompass a whole range of diseases and issues such as infertility, menopause disorder, abnormal bleeding, premenstrual tension and many more. Within traditional acupuncture most of these problems relate to internal organs, blood and meridians. Because of this, the treatment mainly focuses on each of the internal organs to regulate, nourish and harmonise the blood moving through the body. In addition to this, a controlled daily diet containing the correct nutrients and vitamins is required alongside the acupuncture treatments to achieve the best results.

Due to their complimentary nature, many acupuncturists will often recommend the combined treatments of traditional acupuncture and western medicine. For instance, a common gynaecological problem is pelvic inflammatory disease and patients often find that the prolonged use of antibiotics reduces their efficacy because a greater tolerance is built up. Within the world of acupuncture pelvic inflammatory disease is not an illness  included in the list of ailments treatments can help. However, the disease comes with symptoms such as Oophoritism, Pelvic Peritonitis and Endormetritis which are classed as treatable diseases within traditional acupuncture and therefore can be worked with.

Various studies over the past few years have shown evidence of acupuncture and combined medication being very effective in providing women with relief from their gynaecological issues. Acupuncture as a standalone treatment has also proved useful for patients who have been unable to take antibiotics due to allergies, have been unable to have surgery or have experienced mild to severe side effects from their hormone therapy. Most gynaecological diseases are linked to endocrine disorders and within traditional medicine this is seem as an imbalance of yin and yang within the body. Acupuncture aims to restore balance and allow the body the reaffirm its ability to be self-sufficient and properly regulate to create a harmonious state within the body.

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