ATW is now a trademark

Acupuncture That Works (ATW) is now officially registered as a trademark! Almost nine years since ATW began, we are proud to have reached this point.

What does this mean?

Registering Acupuncture That Works as a trademark means our brand now has legal protection.

We can initiate legal proceedings against anybody that uses our brand name or logo without permission.

It also makes sure that our clients can safely and confidently recognise and identify that a product or service is legitimately being provided by us.

How long did it take?

The entire process took six months from start to finish with the help of trademark specialist lawyers at Brandsmiths.

The team there helped to ensure we had everything we needed in order to quickly and successfully register Acupuncture That Works.

 What did ATW have to do to satisfy the criteria?

There were several criteria that had to be met for Acupuncture That Works to be certified.

That list included:

  • It must be distinctive
  • It can be a single word, logo, picture or a mixture of any of those elements
  • It must not be descriptive, deceptive or be a common surname or geographical location
  • It must not be able to be confused with previously registered marks
  • It cannot be a solely national flag or an owned coat of arms
  • It can be a three-dimensional shape

Thankfully, with the hard work and support of the team at Brandsmiths, we were able to satisfy each of these to guarantee a smooth registration process.

 Why is it important to ATW?

There is more than one reason, but principally we wanted Acupuncture That Works to be registered as a trademark to protect it.

We now have the security necessary to prevent somebody from using our brand falsely, safeguarding us as a business and providing reassurance to our clients.

 What are the potential benefits to the business as a result?

As mentioned above, the most significant benefit in registering Acupuncture That Works as a trademark is to protect the brand.

In 2020, the business celebrates the ninth anniversary since it was formed – a milestone reached due to the commitment and dedication of the people working there.

Our brand says everything about us; it is what we mean to our customers, what they tell their friends, family and colleagues and above all, our reputation.

Naturally, we want to preserve it and that’s why we have taken this step.

We are also excited at the opportunities it presents to grow both nationally and internationally.

As we expand, the fact ATW is a trademark will be an asset that helps us to develop intrinsic value while demonstrating to clients and the wider public they can place trust and confidence in us and what we offer.