ATW launches a YouTube channel

We’re happy to tell you that Acupuncture That Works has a new channel on YouTube.

Despite the restrictions put on us during lockdown, when we weren’t able to see you in person, we still wanted to provide the help and support you’ve come to count on us for.

Initially, that extended to virtual consultations online. However, we also wanted to share some of that know-how and advice with a wider audience during short, informative videos.

In one of our most recent releases, we demonstrate how you can use a simple tennis ball to relieve back pain. Take a look here.

We are brimming with ideas, and plan to provide regular updates.

While many people have heard of acupuncture, they often do not know exactly how it works and what it can be used for. That is also where we come in; we’ll tell you how the practice has evolved from its origins in traditional Chinese medicine and explain why it remains relevant today.

Now, more than ever, we think it is important for people to understand acupuncture’s vast benefits and how treatments can improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. And, while many of us are still spending time at home, we believe that it is the right moment to show how you can safely use acupressure points to enjoy relief from a range of ailments.

You will not need any specialist equipment either, just access to everyday household items.

Moving forward, we are excited to share with you lots more educational content featuring clinical experts demonstrating the practical elements of acupuncture together with the way in which treatments have been evidenced in recent years.

We will also continue a series of discussion topics on Qi, the vital energy that makes up all living entities.

What can you see already?

There are videos exploring how to calm the heart Qi and strengthen the pericardium as well as how to protect your Qi.

Using these techniques, we teach you how to reduce anxiety in the heat Qi in order to protect your heart.

We do the same with defensive Qi, which boosts your immune system.

There is an entry too on ‘Restless sleep with acupressure’.

All of our videos can be found in one place on the Acupuncture That Works Channel.

Once there, please subscribe to ensure that you are notified when we publish a new clip.