ATW welcomes our new Massage therapist Scot Thompson

Scot Thompson
Scot Thompson

We are delighted to be able to announce a new team member, starting with us this week, Scot Thompson.

Scot hails from the North of Scotland and has spent over 10 years studying and practicing massage, meaning he can provide Swedish and Deep Massage therapies for everyone.

He is a former Athlete, having represented Great Britain in Discus and Shot Putt at International level. Scot was a Sports Scholar at the University of Bath, University of Stirling and finally taught for a time at Loughborough University on the Sports Science Programme.

As many of you will know, the aim of moving to our new clinic was to be able to offer a wider range of therapies so more people can benefit from the experience of our team. Scot complements our offerings well and gives an opportunity for us to offer something that can benefit everyone.

If you’d like to book in with Scot and experience the benefits of his massage therapies, just call us on 0800 051 7688.


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