Acupuncture Meridians: Treating Hot Flushes

The Guy Protocol 

At Acupuncture That Works, we have developed the guy protocol© to help treat patients using Tamoxifen to help reduce the side effects of hot flushes. However, hot flushes are not only symptoms that breast cancer patients experience. For example, hot flushes are a menopause symptom. Therefore, the points featured in this article are effective in a number of situations.

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Acupuncture Meridians: Large Intestine

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, meridians are paths through which the life energy ‘qi’ and blood flows, connecting acupuncture points across the body. Within the system there are 12 principal meridians which are divided into groups of yin and yang and pertain to interior organs as well as extending all over the surface of the body’s exterior, creating a network that links tissue and organs. It is a network which helps to maintain balance in the mind and body.

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ATW launches a YouTube channel

We’re happy to tell you that Acupuncture That Works has a new channel on YouTube.

Despite the restrictions put on us during lockdown, when we weren’t able to see you in person, we still wanted to provide the help and support you’ve come to count on us for.

Initially, that extended to virtual consultations online. However, we also wanted to share some of that know-how and advice with a wider audience during short, informative videos.

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Our Continued Relationship With Something To Look Forward To

Something To Look Forward To works tirelessly to promote wellbeing, relieve stress and assist those people recovering from the impact of cancer or its treatment.

And Acupuncture That Works is proud to have established close links with such a brilliant organisation.

After its founder, Fiona, was personally affected by breast cancer in 2007, Something To Look Forward To dedicated itself to providing cancer sufferers and their families with a platform via which they can access a variety of free ‘gifts’ donated by companies and individuals. Our founder, Emma, also had breast cancer so she, and ATW, share many values with Something To Look Forward To, which has helped us create a strong relationship.

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What is Hopi Ear Candling & How does it work?

What is Hopi Ear Candling?

Hopi Ear Candling is a traditional therapy that has been around for thousands of years, used by both the Ancient Greeks and most notably, the Hopi Indian Tribe of South West America. Wall paintings found in the Grand Canyon have helped us to understand the importance of Hopi ear candles and
their many benefits. These painting demonstrated that originally, their use was for the cleansing of people’s aura and spirit to harmonise the different energy fields of the body.

The modern-day Hopi candle is not that much different to the ones used by these tribes as it uses a cotton tube carefully infused with honey, oils and beeswax. The tube is gently inserted into the ear and is then able to extract any impurities and relieve pressure in the head and sinuses.

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How can reflexology help you?

Reflexology is a type of massage often used in conjunction with acupuncture treatments. It involves the application of varying pressure to the ears, feet and hands and much like acupuncture, the
theory of reflexology is heavily influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. It is therefore the belief of reflexologists that these specific body parts are connected to corresponding organs and systems in the body. When each area of the body is touched, energy (qi) is able to flow through the body until it reaches the corresponding area which requires healing.

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The kindness of strangers

How a little thing can mean a lot! We’ve had some strange requests during the past four weeks, but what was the most unusual thing you have been asked for in lockdown?

As the lockdown is set to continue for at least another three weeks it got me thinking about community spirit.

In the street where we live we have a WhatsApp group. At first it was for utter emergencies, people who were housebound with Coronavirus and self isolating, however over time it has changed. We have seen it grow into a group of strangers who live on the same street, to neighbours and friends who help each other daily. Even going as far as to clap along and have a sing song every week on a Thursday night, as we celebrate the heroes that keep the country running and us safe.

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Acupuncture for Menopause

Acupuncture for Menopause

On average, 8 in every 10 women will suffer from the uncomfortable side effects of menopause atsome time in their life. These sudden hormonal changes can have a significant impact on your daily life, but acupuncture could help in restoring balance.

Natural Menopause most commonly occurs in women aged between 45-56 and according to The British Acupuncture Council, it is estimated that ‘the percentage of women who experience symptoms distressing enough for them to visit their GP vary from 15-25%’. The climacteric period of menopause can induce a variety uncomfortable but common symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety, night sweats and vaginal dryness. But many women will also be prone to experiencing severe headaches, depression, fatigue, palpitations, aches and pains as well as urinary issues.

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