Jayne’s Story

Jayne came to us suffering from insomnia and sleep deprivation. This was naturally having a dramatic impact on her life and she was struggling to cope with the demands of being a full time wife and mother as well as holding down a part time job.

The lack of sleep left her unable to concentrate and after spending hours each night lying awake she would be physically exhausted when the morning came.

Tired of watching the dawn rise through her window every morning she came to us and asked for help.

What followed was a series of treatments over the period of a week, during which she gradually regained the ability to sleep for longer and longer periods until at the end of the first week she achieved her first full night’s sleep in over a month.

Acupuncture wasn’t some ‘miracle cure’ but it did provide the stimulus to allow her to rebalance her Qi, restore her natural equilibrium and regain control of her life.

Acupuncture That Works are happy to talk to you if you are suffering from sleeping problems

NB: In this and all our case studies the names have been changed to protect patient identities. The symptoms and treatments however are based on actual case notes.