Celebrating the arrival of another baby!

As we return from the half term holidays we are celebrating yet another baby boy arriving thanks to the help of acupuncture.

So how does acupuncture help make a baby?

Well one the biggest fertility killers is ‘stress’ and although you may not feel stressed your Qi or energy may be internally unbalanced which can therefore stop you from relaxing properly. Acupuncture has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety as well as ensuring your Qi is balanced.

We say to all our patients that ‘acupuncture is not a miracle cure’, however it can help to rebalance your body’s Qi which in turn can help you to feel less stressed.

In this particular case, prior to the baby’s arrival, the patient had been trying for a number of years and had unfortunately experienced a few miscarriages. It took six to nine months of acupuncture to regulate her periods and her Qi. Once she was pregnant she continued with acupuncture to help strengthen the uterus so she could carry the baby to full term.

Quite often when you start acupuncture your menstrual cycle will change in time, colour and consistency. You may also become much more aware of the ovulation time in your cycle. Don’t give up at this stage, if things are changing it is working. There is no right or wrong time in your cycle to have acupuncture however in our experience the best way is to get to know your patients cycle for at least three months and then you can determine how the acupuncture is helping and what more can be done.

So if you are trying for a baby and are willing to see how acupuncture could be of benefit then give us a call on 0800 051 76 88 or 07880 94 88 77