CP – Northwich

“I first went to see Emma for help with severe sickness in pregnancy. Having suffered all through my first pregnancy, I was being sick 4 times a day during my second pregnancy, and a friend suggested that acupuncture could help.

Emma carried out a detailed consultation during our first meeting, then focused on various stomach points to combat nausea and sickness. It took a few sessions for the benefits to kick in, but even after that first session my sickness was reduced to once or twice a week, and then over time it settled completely. I had baby girls both times, so I’m convinced that I would have continued to have exactly the same pregnancy symptoms the second time. In addition to the stomach points, as the pregnancy progressed Emma helped with various other side effects of pregnancy, such as insomnia, energy levels, tingling in my hands and backache.

I can honestly say that acupuncture made my second pregnancy a completely different – and far more positive – experience than my first. The sickness was very draining and I don’t think I could have coped if it had continued all the way through, especially with a lively toddler to look after too! Emma’s friendly, professional and pragmatic approach put my mind at ease, so it was emotionally beneficial too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Acupuncture That Works to anyone.”

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