CR – Northwich

I was recommended Acupuncture by my Mum, who had used it in the past for a different issue. After suffering with extreme morning sickness, to the point of not being able to go into work, I was willing to try anything.

Instantly upon meeting Cath, she was extremely friendly, warm and reassuring. She put my mind at ease immediately and made me feel “normal” for the way I was feeling.

I was sceptical at first, having never tried anything like this before, but it is relatively pain free and quite a relaxing experience.

Cath explained what she was going to do and why. So every time she placed a needle, I knew it was coming and I knew why it was there and what she was hoping to achieve by it.

It doesn’t hurt. You may feel a sharp pin prick the first time you attend, but after that, nothing. Afterwards, I felt flushed and tired, but in a nice relaxed way.

I started with two sessions per week, and I honestly think the sessions help to ease my morning sickness. So much so that when I missed a week once, I knew straight away, as I felt lethargic and sick immediately, as though my body was telling me I needed a top up.

It didn’t cure my morning sickness completely, but it helped manage it to a point where instead of being sick all day, every day, I was sick, maybe once in the day, which was a huge improvement, and helped me to lead a more normal life.

Quickly I dropped down to once a week and now do not need it at all.

Cath helped me during a time that was very distressing, worrying and wearing on my mind and body. I felt cared for and looked after during each session and I will always be grateful to Cath for helping me through this difficult time. I would have no hesitation in contacting Cath for acupuncture in the future should I have any other medical or lifestyle issues, as I 100% support and believe in its benefits.

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