CRY Comes to Winsford

This week, a fantastic charity that we have supported for a long time is coming to Winsford to deliver it’s free screening to the residents of Winsford and surrounding areas. ‘CRY’ (Cardiac Risk in the Young) are a fantastic organisation that supports young people that have been diagnosed with, sometimes life threatening, cardiac condition.

CRY has been working towards reducing the amount of sudden cardiac deaths for almost 20 years. CRY holds many events throughout the year including its popular screenings that they deliver across the UK.

The screening process allows cardiologists to see the health of your hearts by attaching electrodes on your chest that are connected to an ECG machine (Electrocardiogram). This monitors the electrical activity of your heart that can be viewed in real time. As well as this test, Echocariogram is done to look at the structure of your heart. These tests are pain free and take around 20 minutes to complete.

So if you’re free over the next couple of days, make an appointment at today for a free screening!