GG – Northwich

I recently received an Acupuncture treatment from Emma at ATW for issues with stress, poor sleep and irregular bleeding. The whole process was incredibly relaxing and despite having a slight fear of needles, I couldn’t even feel them!

Prior to the treatment we discussed the issues I had been experiencing and Emma was extremely helpful in helping me understanding what the likely cause of these issues were and how we could work to treat them.

After my treatment I felt incredibly calm and relaxed and woke up the next day feeling really rejuvenated after having a great night’s sleep (something I’ve struggled with for some time!). Up until that point I had also been experiencing daily abdominal pain but the next morning the pain has subsided.

The clinic is incredibly clean, modern and had the perfect ambience to help me really relax. I would highly recommend Emma at Acupuncture That Works to anyone who is looking for a non-invasive treatment to help with stress relief and any menstrual pain/issues.

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