Happy New Year to you all and let’s hope 2012 is a good year for you.

Have you eaten, drunk or indulged too much over the festive season? If so then why not start the new year with a new you? You can kick start the New Year feeling revitalised by booking in for a complete detox.

Acupuncture That Works will be offering 6 detox sessions for £75 in January; that’s only £12.50 a session so book early! In addition to this we will also be running detox sessions at Fields Physio Centre in Chester every Saturday in January (please book direct with Fields on 01244  671948 )

So what is a detox and what is involved?
Detox or detoxification is an alternative approach to rid your body of toxins and other accumulated harmful substances that are said to exert undesirable effects on individual health.

At Acupuncture that works we use what is called the NADA Protocol – (National Auricular Detoxification Association) which involves using Auricular Acupuncture to help reduce your cravings. The procedure is very simple and consists of the insertion of five small fine, sterile, disposable needles on five points of the outer ear which assists in helping giving up smoking, diet control, general detox or anxiety/Stress management. It can help you resist the craving or impulse to go and have a drink, cigarette or grab that bar of chocolate.

To book this special offer call 0800 051 76 88