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I have two young children and a full time job which I fit into three and a half days. I had been suffering with stress at work which, when coupled with a few unresolved issues in my personal life, came together to stop me sleeping. Over a period of about three weeks my sleep quickly dwindled to around 1.5 hours a night, sometimes as one amount, sometimes in small instalments. This left me exhausted and in no fit state to tackle the everyday stresses and strains of a busy job and two young children!

After the first session of acupuncture, I felt noticeably calmer, although if I am honest, initially there was little difference to my sleep. However after session two, I slept for three hours in a block which may not sound like much but made me feel able to take on the world again. After a course of around five or six treatments, I found my sleep problems totally disappeared and six months on I am now sleeping around six or seven hours a night, good for any parent!

I feel the treatments provided me with a grounding, I found them calming yet in the same breath energising, and they have helped to put my head back on the right way around again; I feel after a few years spent slowly unravelling, Acupuncture That Works in Northwich put me back together again – give it a try, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again and have referred many friends to them.

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