James’ Story

James came to us suffering with sudden onset chronic lower back pain which meant he could not walk properly, drive or sleep comfortably. Furthermore when he did wake in the morning he knew that just moving his legs to get out of bed would mean considerable pain and discomfort.

James’s treatment was quite unusual in that he was expecting, as the pain was in his lower back, to receive acupuncture in his back. He was therefore quite surprised when he was asked to lie face up on the treatment table. Following diagnosis the treatment consisted of acupuncture to his ankles, leg and hand, along with a couple of points in his ear.

Within thirty minutes there was a noticeable easing of the pain, although it was still there when he got off the treatment table. That night he slept well and the following morning, whilst the pain was still present it had eased noticeably.  Two further treatment sessions on consecutive days and he was once again able to function normally though we did have to advise him not to try lifting heavy weights for a few days.

NB: In this and all our case studies the names have been changed to protect patient identities. The symptoms and treatments however are based on actual case notes.