Julia Birch – Sandbach

juliaSince having breast cancer in November last year, I have suffered from terrible hot sweats and insomnia. This was partly due to the treatment and partly due to being taken off my HRT.

This affected my working life and I struggled to cope. After trying all kinds of herbal medications, I decided that I could no longer tolerate the Tamoxifen medication that I had been prescribed.

In August this year I began a course of acupuncture at St Luke’s, with Acupuncturist Emma Guy. At this time I felt very down and desperate to find a treatment for the hot sweats. I had 6 treatments after which the hot sweats decreased significantly and I was able to get some sleep. After a couple more treatments the hot sweats completely stopped and for the first time in over a year, I slept for 6 hours. Since then I have continued to sleep and have had no further hot sweats.

My experience of acupuncture with Emma has been amazing, throughout the course she has reassured me and supported me through various set backs due to my treatment regime. I am going to continue to have acupuncture with Emma as I when I require it, to keep the hot sweats at bay. I would highly recommend Emma as a dedicated and committed acupuncturist who believes in the expert treatment she provides.

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