Julie Williams – Whitchurch

I have been suffering from migraines for the last 2-3 years which have been steadily getting worse as time passed. They are directly attributed to my hormones and monthly cycle and my Mum used to get them. When I had a migraine I had all the usual symptoms; sickness, sensitivity to light and pounding pain behind my eyes and forehead. They would last for anything from 3 to 6 days with no relief. I was taking far too much ibuprofen and it barely made a dent in the pain but did offer some relief.

I was sceptical about acupuncture as a possible treatment as I had no understanding of how it could work and still don’t if I’m honest. I do know that it works though and I really don’t need to understand it in order to benefit from it. I only wish I’d tried it sooner.

The positive effect was very quick and within a couple of months the migraines reduced in intensity and didn’t last as long. After another few sessions they hardly appeared at all. I’m confident that these will soon be banished.

Whilst working on the migraines I’ve also had treatment for fertility, it’s only been 2-3 months but so far my cycle has regulated and returned to normal. I remain hopeful that the outcome will be a positive one.

Cath is excellent, she’s professional, friendly and instantly puts you at ease. It’s more like popping in to see a good friend for a natter than being a patient. I can’t thank her enough for the positive impact she’s had on my life.

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