Losing Weight – Can Acupuncture help?

Acupuncture and Weight Loss

A lot of us are aiming to lose weight but as most of us know, losing weight can be extremely difficult with many of us jumping from diet to diet trying to shed the pounds. However, one of the best methods people have found to aid their weight loss is regular acupuncture.

Acupuncturist specialist’s work by targeting the ear based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine that the outer area is representative of the different parts of the body and its organs. Acupuncturists tailor their treatments to the specific needs of the individual but one common method involved inserting a needle into the area of the ear which is linked to hunger. Once this is in place, five more needles are inserted to various key pressure points in the ear.

This method is regularly used but studies have shown that if individuals are suffering from obesity, they will require the five points to be continuously stimulated. Acupuncture used on obese patients is closely linked with the body’s metabolism and how it functions. By stimulating these points, the metabolic function is increased which in turn promotes body fat consumption.

There are many studies carried out measuring the correlation between acupuncture and weight loss with many of them having positive results. One recent study which used two control groups, one receiving acupuncture and one receiving sham acupuncture showed numerous beneficial results. The use of the five point acupuncture technique was successfully able to provide a substantial drop in waist size for the acupuncture group when compared to the sham acupuncture group. There was also a greater percentage of body fat dropped on average when compared with the sham group. Overall, both one and five point acupuncture treatments showed evidence of effectively treating obese patients by decreasing the circumference of their waist and their weight.

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