Migraines – Can Acupuncture Help?

Acupuncture for Migraines

Those who suffer with migraines often have to suffer in silence and accept the oncoming pain. Unlike normal headaches where a paracetamol tablet or two will take the edge off, migraines cannot be stopped so easily.

Most people will spend large amounts of money each month on over the counter medication and prescription pills in an attempt to stop the pain. However, recently people have started visiting acupuncturists as an affordable and worthwhile alternative treatment to medication.

Unlike medication and other traditional treatments, acupuncture has no side effects at all which means that patients do not have to worry about further aggravating their migraines. Many studies surrounding acupuncture and migraines has shown that patients often finish their treatment feeling relieved. They often say that whereas in the past their migraines would last for days at a time and increase in intensity, regular acupuncture treatments help to lessen the intensity and frequency of their migraines.

Usually in acupuncture treatments, needles would be inserted into various areas of the head to help increase the blow flow around the head and neck area. However, in this instance the increase in blood flow would only worsen the migraine as it is caused by dilated blood vessels. Instead, acupuncturists will look to treat the lower body the improve the circulation there, effectively balancing out the blood flow in the body and minimizing the risk of dilated blood vessels in the head which are often what make migraines worse.

Studies into treating migraines which the patient already has are still being looked in however there are positive results which show that migraines can be prevented/ made less severe or frequent. Regular acupuncture treatments will help to reduce stress and as a result, any muscle tension which can help counteract any building migraines. The increased circulation is also essential in avoiding migraines as it will stop the build-up of blood vessels in the head and neck areas.

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