MJ – Northwich

I’ve now had ten sessions with Cath, and began the journey like a car that was being driven fast on an empty tank of petrol. I was surviving, but only just, on an average of three hours sleep a night, and often going the whole night without any form of sleep whatsoever. As a Managing Director of my own company, this was debilitating, stressful and severely impacted the quality of my professional and personal life.

Three months later, I am regularly getting six and a half hours sleep, and feel far more rested, alert and focused on the challenges that the day ahead will bring. Cath has played a massive part in making this dramatic change in events. The acupuncture itself is the needles, but Cath brings far more to my life than the person who decides where and when to place them in the required spot.  The session starts the moment you enter the room, with her genuine interest in your well-being, her ability to ask the right question at the right time, and a calm air of professionalism combined with a knowing smile and ability to build rapport. I leave every session feeling better and more rested than I did when it started.

I wholeheartedly believe that the combination of acupuncture and Cath Peake is a combination that can help you address head-on the challenges that you previously thought were insurmountable.

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