NB – Northwich

When I was pregnant with my first child I developed obstetric cholestatis, a rare liver condition associated with pregnancy. As this condition can potentially threaten the baby’s life, the decision was made to induce and she was delivered slightly early. She had a difficult start in life, compounded by the fact that she was found to have 2 holes in her heart. A series of significant developmental delays followed. 3 years on and in the very early stages of my second pregnancy I was desperate to do everything I could to reduce the chances of developing the condition again and to promote a healthy pregnancy. As such I found Emma, and began acupuncture in my 5th week of pregnancy. I received regular treatment throughout and I am glad to say the condition never presented and I went on to have a very healthy girl who arrived when she was ready.

Emma gave me the time to express my concerns and always explained her treatment and it’s origins, which was both reassuring and fascinating. She was welcoming and supportive and I really felt we were working collaboratively to promote mine and the baby’s well being. Week on week and month by month we discussed and tailored my treatment to suit how I was feeling both in body and mind – the whole process was very holistic. My experience led to my partner seeking Emma’s help for his bad back and he too couldn’t be happier. I really believe acupuncture has a role to play in promoting health and happiness and I am delighted with the service Emma has given to us.

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