NB – Northwich

I am a worldwide traveller with the racing team. About four years ago I picked up a cluster veruca on my right foot in the Middle East. I tried all the creams and lotions for a few years but it was still persistent. I went to see a podiatrist about two years ago and it was starting to get better however after each treatment a few weeks later it got worse again. The podiatrist said that my immune system was low with the amount of traveling I was doing.

It was my wife who suggested I try acupuncture to help increase my immune system. As a complete sceptic but frustrated that after 4 years my veruca wasn’t going away, I decided to try acupuncture.

Emma was very professional and completed a full consultation where she gave me a diagnosis and what acupuncture points she would use and why. After the first treatment I could tell that my foot was getting a little better. After the fourth treatment it had completely gone!

I would have no hesitation to recommend Emma and acupuncture, not only did she cure my cluster veruca I had had for four years it has also given me lots of energy. I have turned from sceptic to a true believer now.

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