Reclassification of Professional Acupuncturists in the UK

The past year has been difficult for so many of us, but rarely have we been brought so close together.

Many people have put themselves on the front line during the pandemic as key workers, from doctors and nurses to teachers and supermarket workers, to keep the country functioning and keep everyone safe.

During the first national lockdown in March 2020, acupuncture practitioners who are members of The British Acupuncture Federation were given permission by the government and Public Health England to provide essential healthcare treatments.

Practitioners across the UK rose to the challenge, and began safely offering support for those that needed it most while following strict health and safety guidelines.

By June of last year, both The British Acupuncture Association and The British Acupuncture Federation members received permission from Public Health England to reopen their clinics for every type of treatment.

The team at Acupuncture That Works was among them.

As the pandemic has progressed, professional acupuncturists across the UK have continued to work closely with Public Health England and the Office of National Statistics, and it is because of that collaboration that professional acupuncturists achieved a landmark reclassification.

Acupuncture has been raised from 3219, the category for healthcare associate professionals, up to 2220 – the same level as Osteopaths and Physiotherapists.

This now means that acupuncture practitioners across the UK are classed as Healthcare Professionals for the first time.

It means the ATW team can continue operating as key workers in the event of future national lockdowns or if the Government reintroduces a version of its local coronavirus restrictions.

Our clinics will remain safely open, adhering to all the latest health and safety guidelines set out by Public Health England.

Every staff member will continue to wear PPE, sanitising each clinic room before and after use, and maintaining social distance whenever possible.

The whole team at Acupuncture That Works is thrilled by this announcement after many weeks and months of targeted and dedicated hard work.

We are so happy that we can continue to look after our customers, and that acupuncture has received the recognition it deserves.

The clinic will remain open in the meantime, and we are excited to welcome new and existing patients back after what has felt like a long year!

If you have any concerns, queries or questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today on 0800 051 76 88.