Reflexology Northwich Cheshire

If you are looking for reflexology in Northwich, Cheshire then we can help. Acupuncture that Works is a well established Acupuncture Practice in the heart of Cheshire and reflexology is one of our specialist areas of treatment.

There is a great demand for reflexology in Northwich and the surrounding areas and we can provide a comprehensive reflexology service in our clinic which is based in the centre of Northwich. If you have difficulties with mobility and getting out and about is a problem, then please contact us and we can discuss other options with you.

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What is reflexology?

Reflexology Northwich
Reflexology is the therapeutic application of touch to specific areas of the hand and feet to achieve greater health and well being. Each area of the body has an associated reflex point on the hands and feet which relates to the specific condition of a particular area, organ or system within the body. With the use of pressure and touch a positive impact can be made on many common ailments and to aid recovery.

What can reflexology be used for?

Reflexology can be used for a wide range of treatment areas such as

  • Muscular and joint pain, insomnia, headaches, digestive problems, breathing difficulties, hormonal imbalances, urinary infections, skin conditions, PMS, Menopause and energy deficiencies.
  • To complement other treatments, alleviate symptoms, aid recovery.
  • To help with fertility, provide support during labour and to alleviate pregnancy symptoms.
  • To improve sleep, reduce stress, for relaxation and to balance emotions.

Is reflexology safe?

Reflexology is a perfectly safe and natural treatment which is suitable for adults of all ages as well as children and babies. It is proven that reflexology can play a significant part in supporting the body’s own healing process as well as being a treatment which is very calming, relaxing and contributes to your sense of well being.

Its ability to help with the removal of toxins from your system and to help with digestion and improve sleeping patterns makes reflexology an extremely popular treatment and we have helped many people in Northwich and across Cheshire with their requirements for reflexology therapy.

What is the history of reflexology?

The roots of reflexology can be traced back to 4,500 years ago in Ancient Egypt where there are tomb illustrations that depict the use of medical techniques and what appears to be hand and foot reflexology.

In the modern context, Dr William Fitzgerald, an American laryngologist, published a book in 1917 called ‘Zone Therapy’ which set out the early practices of reflexology and this was further developed by other medical professionals who, through investigation, research and developing new techniques, have made reflexology what it is today.

Extensive range of reflexology services

Reflexology is a natural branch of acupuncture practice and there is a clear affinity between the two. We provide an extensive range of reflexology services through Northwich and the Cheshire area so if you would like to find out more about the benefits of reflexology then please contact us now on 0800 051 76 88.