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HOT FLUSHES!! – having gone down the usual route for menopausal hot flushes I tried Red Clover which worked for a while but eventually had to give in and see my GP to ask to go on to HRT. This works but obviously there is a time limit that the medical profession like you to adhere to and I came off the HRT in the spring of this year, 2015. I did this with trepidation as the hot flushes were ruining my life with being constant in the day and then having the night sweats. This meant that I was getting very little sleep, meaning that I could not function properly at work during the day. I did not want to return to this state of affairs and had heard that acupuncture could be used with excellent results. My hot flushes returned, along with the night sweats, a few weeks after coming off the HRT.

I went along to see Catherine. After just 2 sessions my symptoms were virtually non-existent. I was still getting some hot flushes – approximately 1 per week along with a few nights sweats. I thought maybe this was as good as it got – this was very good in my eyes – but Cath said we could persevere to get a better outcome. A few more sessions and she seemed to find the right combination of pressure points that controlled my flushes and brought them down to NIL.

This is a fabulous outcome and I cannot thank her enough. Hot flushes are very debilitating and affect your daily life. Life without them is fabulous. I cannot recommend acupuncture and Cath highly enough – thank you.

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